Abby Monkey® - Painter Star: Draw and Color - My First Coloring Book Відгуки

Ripoff do not pay for app

Payed for this app to unlock all the pages and it never did its been a month already if not longer. I've tried reaching out for help and no one replies. I'm very disappointed.

I'm really mad

The app isn't downloading the other pics even after I paid


I've seen this review for this app before. I updated to iOS 7 and had some issues. I had to wipe my iPad. When I uploaded this app all the collections we're locked. The only way to get then unlocked was to pay for them again. I already paid for all the collections once and won't pay for then twice. Beware, don't buy this app.

Cute but very slow

Cute app but very slow on my iPad 2 -- even with the sound and animation turned off, the drawing is very choppy. My toddler doesn't mind, but a kid old enough to color between the lines (or an adult -- I'll admit to coloring a few pics!) will likely find it frustrating.


I was recommended by friend to try this app, and in an instant, the kids really love the technology. Abby Monkey's Painter Star: Draw & Color really fabulous. It might not so catchy or additive like playing games but I prefer my child to learn, play and practise what they have learnt. And only Abby Monkey's provides that! :)

Good App

First of all, for young children, this is a good application, the best part is it's free, I believe that when a child took a fancy to it, love it, this application allows the children freedom to play, draw the hearts of the imagination, a great advantage for the development of the child's imagination.Also allows children to learn how to color, painting, etc. In short, this is a good application.

Love this!

Anyone who has young kids should try this app, it's not only well made, but the presentation is lively and very engaging. It helps the young one to explore, learn colors and enhance their creativity. Highly recommended.

no bad

good app for children on painting

Great for toddlers

This game is great for toddlers. You can draw or color in pages. Kept babies busy for some time :)

Fantastic App

My niece is a year and a half and I showed her this app and she wouldnt let go any more she loves the bright colors and the cartoons ! Hopefully they addd more pictures ;)))

Don't buy the app!

Downloaded the app, then paid for the locked pages, only to be ripped off. A previous reviewer, now deleted, said to contact the web support, which I did and they responded, but it's been over a week and still locked pages. I bought this app for a child on a 7day road trip, which is almost over. Thanks! STAY AWAY

Unhappy Customer

I bought the full app but after a week my daughters could not open all the pages! They were locked! Can't reload app. Can't repurchase app so it will reboot. If they can't fix this it's basically lost money or theft


Hello! I paid for all the pages and they aren't unlocking and when I try to buy it again it says you already purchased this but it hasn't been downloaded. How do I download it? I don't see an option to download. Thank you Keri

Cannot I lock pages I paid for

Bought the extra pages over a week ago and cannot unlock them. When I try to re-buy the pages says I have already bought them, but that they have not downloaded. Also prompts me for by apple I.d. every time my daughter opens the app.

Drawing fun!!!

This app is sure to draw so much fun out of your children! There is a lot already included for free but it allows you to buy more coloring pictures if you want -- I mean, your children are sure to want. I really like the variety of coloring pictures that can be used for educational purposes, and the incredibly easy interface. Great app!!

NOT user friendly for a CHILD.

Not User Friendly. FIrst. the front page advertises many OTHER games. This is NOT good for a child to SELL them things on the front page. The second PAGE should BE page ONE. Then you have to GUESS which figure to HIT. It should go right to a PHOTO to draw. But it doesn't. It goes to a general page to draw. It took me a 3-4 minutes to figure out which ICON to hit to get to the drawing selection page. This is a GREEN button. But you would never know what it does, until you hit it. I'm an adult and it is hard to use. A CHILD is supposed to use this on their own? It took FOUR HITS to get to the Drawing SELECTION page. It should take ONE hit. VERY hard for a child to figure out how to get from ONE drawing to another.

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